Videos of Fr. John Broussard's Conference Talks from April 23rd - April 25th, 2023:

Conference Talk 1 Humility

Conference Talk 2 Faith

Conference Talk 3 Forgiveness

Videos of parishioner Ryan (Modern Papist on YouTube) interviewing Fr. Eric Fedewa, Pastor of St. Basil the Great (click the images for the videos):


Communion in the Hand vs. On the Tongue: Which Drops the Most Particles?

Why Do You Veil At Mass?

Why Protestants are Wrong on the Sin of Onan

How Many Kids Should Catholics Have?

Trans Ordination?

Do People Use Aliens in Place of God?

Lack of Conviction in the Church

Why Don't Bishops Excommunicate?

What Can We Pray For Priests?

The Role of Godparents

Gaslighting, Politics, and Lack of Sincerity

Religious Orders: Habits and Cassocks

Religious Orders

Liturgical Abuse!

How Did You Become a Priest?

 Regarding attempted (invalid) baptisms

Fr. Eric's Talk at the Divine Mercy Center in Clinton Township on 10/4/20: "Trusting in the Divine Mercy and the Intercession of St. Michael the Archangel" (click image below)

Right to Life of Michigan Interview with Fr. Eric Fedewa, November 2020 (click image below)