"St. Basil the Great Catholic Church's mission is the salvation of souls for Jesus Christ in and through His Bride the Holy Roman Catholic Church."

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Every vocation in the Church comes from and through Christ Jesus. It is he who calls. Spending time in Eucharistic Adoration with our Divine Lord and Friend is a good place to go to ask what he wants with our life. Why not spend some time each week in adoration, in union, in contemplation of the Lord present in the Eucharist?

Interested in registering at St. Basil the Great?  click the form below or pick one up in the gathering space of the church near the main entrance and mail / deliver the completed form to the office or drop in the collection basket.

May Crowning and Procession Sunday, May 9th following the 10:30am Holy Mass!
(begins in the church immediately after Mass with the crowning)

The Next Meeting of the St. Basil Men’s group will be Saturday May 22ndth at 10am in the social hall.

Please join the men of St Basil for good conversation and light refreshments

All men are welcome to attend the 8:30am Mass and pray the Rosary before the meeting at 10am

The Book of Proverbs Reading Challenge!

Guidepost 3.  Marker 3.2    Scripture

An evangelizing parish is one in which parishioners continually study, talk about, and pray with the Scriptures. To this end, parishes must make Bible study resources available, particularly to put the Scriptures in context for those who know them only through the readings proclaimed at Sunday Mass. Parishioners also need to be taught how to do Lectio Divina, reading Scripture in prayerful conversation with God. As Pope Benedict XVI stated:

Since “ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ,” making the Bible the inspiration of every ordinary and extraordinary pastoral outreach will lead to a greater awareness of the person of Christ, who reveals the Father and is the fullness of divine revelation. For this reason I encourage pastors and the faithful to recognize the importance of this emphasis on the Bible.[25]


Unleash the Gospel states each parish is to assist its parishioners in discovering Christ in the Holy Scriptures.  We are excited to continue to motivate our parish to read the Scriptures.  In them, the Holy Spirit reveals God’s Wisdom, His plans, His ways.  In the Old Testament, we discover Christ hidden in each book.  In Proverbs, for example, Christ is God’s Wisdom. 

We are challenging everyone to discover the treasures of God’s Wisdom during the month of May.  We are having a Reading Challenge, to get through an entire book of the Bible in one month.  The Old Testament book of Proverbs has 31 short chapters.  The challenge is for each person to read one chapter per day in May.  Check off each chapter read, and sign and date when you complete the book at the bottom of the Challenge Sheet. 

The Challenge Sheets can be found in the Gathering Space or below.  After you have completed reading Proverbs, the signed and dated sheet can be left in the collection basket, mailed in to the office, left in the box in the Gathering Space, or emailed to judyabw@gmail.com.

Those who complete the reading will have their accomplishment acknowledged by Fr. Eric with a Certificate of Completion.  The deadline for completion is June 1st.  Certificates will be given out in June. 

As an additional task for those who gain some insights from Proverbs, we ask they write down their insights on the back of the Challenge Sheet or another sheet of paper.  We hope to be able to publish them in a future Unleash the Gospel article in the Bulletin.

For more information, please contact Judy Williford at judyabw@gmail.com or call at 586.441.5075.  Email is the fastest way of contact.


Proverbs Reading Challenge Form
Proverbs Reading Challenge Form.docx
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St. Basil thanks Our Lord and Our Lady for all the new parishioners (and all the new people who have been coming to St. Basil) since the first virus shutdowns a little over a year ago! In one year (from 4/25/20 to 4/19/21) there have been more than twice as many individuals who have registered here than the two previous years combined!

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Letter to the faithful from Archbishop Vigneron regarding the Vatican's Note on Baptism and the invalid formula used by Deacon Mark Springer from 1986-1999 at St. Anastasia in Troy, MI:


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